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Strategic Management Consultancy (SMC)

The Markets have been changing faster than every due various Social-Economic development all over the world. This has compelled the Governments & Industries to review and modify their Strategies. In this volatile environment it has been very important to review the Age Old Strategies and Work Methods. To Sustain the Growth New Management Mantra has to be adopted.

Our way of working is Look Beyond the Horizon. We like to accept Challenge and take Bold decision. Our Break-through concept brings in change in way Industry perceive the issue. Client who have availed our Strategic Management Consultancy – SMC, have benefited in long term. This has also Borden their Vision & Reduced Market Dependability, thus Eliminating effect of Market Volatility.

Study current practice and then suggest road map for growth. We Study, Suggest and Strengthen your Work force by implementing the strategy. Though Training, Coaching & Mentoring we ensure Organization is on Fast track growth process.

Training and Implementing of 5S, 6 Sigma, TQM, CE, Actual implementation of ISO procedure etc. Are part of streamlining and joining the broken links.

Strategic Partners / JV / Outsourcing from India.

With new government in India and an optimistic growth policy, our ability to help you find Indian Partners is more efficient. As India is Shining, we also need to Increase Productivity, Reduce Cost and Improve Life style. Thus, India is always looking for Strategic Partner to fuel the Growth and improve the Technology.

Our team is closely working with Indian Industries and Entrepreneurs. Many Company Want to Strategic Partners to develop product (MAKE IN INDIA) and sell in India / Export from India. If you are Start Joint Venture in India or Technology Transfer in India we help you find competent partners.

We have experience in helping European & American Companies to find Manufacture to Product Outsourcing, Privet Label Manufacturing from India.

Some area where Foreign Partners could be Interested in Entering India –

1. Solar Power Equipment
Government of India is have very attractive policy and lot of Indian Industries are looking for good partners in the is area.

2. Power Tools & Metal Working Machine – CNC Lathe / Milling / Drilling / Grinding
Over 70% of Indian Engineering Industries (i.e 90% of Small Scale mfg) are still using Conventional Machine and technology up-gradation will boom with Affordable machines.

3. Infrastructural Machinery
Road Cleaning Truck, Mini Road Roller, Mini Concert Mixture. These equipment will in Demand and fuel the Growth of Indian Rural Development.

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