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International Business Consultant

In this fast moving world more and more companies are expanding their Sales Network. Foreign Companies are entering Indian market and eating the market share. The only way to Survive and Grow is to Improve Export Business. Starting Export Business & Improve export business is only way today to ensure consistent Order flow and avoid geographical dependency.

Our Export Consultant will walk with you every Step in International Market. We will help you Start Export Business. Get assured Success in International Business & Improve Export Business.

Producing Worlds Class product will give you Double benefit instantly.

  1. Help your product to Enter International Market.
  2. Avoid International Competition in India from Global players.
  3. Improve Brand Image & Brand value in long term.

Our Export Consulting assist you in journey on International Business :

  1. International Business Consultancy
  2. Training in Export Business – Market development, Export Documentation etc..
  3. International Market Research & Product Analysis.
  4. Country Specific / Product specific – Lead Generation / Find Foreign Buyers.
  5. Overseas manufacturing / Sourcing from India / Privet label manufacturing
  6. Company Representation in Overseas Market.
  7. Participating in International Trade Exhibition

International Business

At Vivaan Consultancy Services our Export Consultant has strong expertise in International Business across various Industries. We will guide you Staring Export from India & to Improve Export Business. Our team of Export Consultant understand the International Business and changing International Policies. They will guide you in International Marketing, International Business Development and Growing your organization.

We will assist and suggest you solution to your every problem, not limiting to …

  1. How to Start Export.
  2. Market Research & Competitive Analysis. (Where do we stand in Global market?)
  3. Product Development & Product Modification.
  4. International Marketing & Brand Building
  5. International Business Development
  6. Foreign Distributor/ Export Network / Country Agent / Sales Chanel
    • Find Importers in Africa / Distributor in Africa / Export to Africa
    • Develop Exports in Europe / European Importer / Export to Europe
    • Where to Export in Asia / Exporting to SARC countries.
    • Find Best countries to Export from India.
    • Export to Latin America / Find Distributors in South America.
  7. Agency Contracts / Distributor Agreement / International MOU.

Learning Export Business

Training in International Business& Mentoring is an integral part of our Export Consultancy offered by Vivaan Consultancy Services. Knowledge Sharing and exchange of free to use information, increase the success in any Business. Our professional team provide Hands on Training during the Consultancy. Special training program for Export Business are also conducted from time to time.

The Training is Customized based on clients expertise on following topics.

  1. Procedure of Export & Imports
  2. International Sales & Marketing.
  3. Export Documentation & Logistics
  4. Building Customer Relationship.
  5. Understanding Business Culture & Tradition.
  6. International Commerce.
  7. Understand Letter of Credit

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